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As fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers, importers and exporters, we handle distribution, processing and packaging. Our teams have in-depth market knowledge. To offer an extensive variety of quality products, we travel the world to find the best suppliers while constantly innovating to adapt our services to our clients' specifications.

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A History of freshness

For more than a century, Courchesne Larose Ltd. has been a major player on the Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable market. Our family business is at the heart of Groupe Courchesne Larose.

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Our Vision

Together, we can improve access to superior quality fresh fruits and vegetables in harmony with nature. This belief is fundamental to our entrepreneurial vision, which strives to forge solid and reliable partnerships with our clients and our suppliers with a view to innovating when it comes to the storage and distribution of fresh foods. Our supply processes and controls make our house brand an industry reference for the distribution of fruits and vegetables in North America. And this, because quality is in our nature.

Our Mission

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Every action is taken to supply our clients with superior-quality fruits and vegetables, so they can offer their consumers varied and delicious options. Because quality is always important.

Our Values

Among the values that guide our activities, four are particularly cherished and are shared by all our employees, who live them daily and consistently put them into practise.

Family spirit

Respect for diversity and individuals

Healthy and harmonious work environment

Partnership approach


Courchesne Larose is proud to be a Level 2 Ecocert certified company. This achievement is proof of our desire to make a tangible contribution to the sustainable development of our planet. We are a committed company.

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Our Big Family


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Our Group

Our divisions are independent companies that share our vision and mission. Specializing in different aspects of superior quality fresh fruit and vegetable distribution, they are members of our family and part of our heritage.


Social responsibility

We strive to operate responsibly. That's why we minimize our waste by recycling and composting. We regularly donate fruit and vegetables to different organizations including Moisson Montréal, to help provide healthy food for people in need.

We avoid food waste by entrusting Jus Loop with processing our ripe fruits and vegetables into cold-pressed juice. Even the pulp that's rejected during the juicing process is recycled by a company that makes dog treats.


Louis-Charles Routhier foundation finances meals served at schools in underprivileged areas and provides homework help to prevent dropping out of school. Solidly anchored in its environment with its culture and lengthy history, the Groupe is committed to several stakeholders in the social and community milieus. It also participates in several agency fundraising initiatives including: Je passe partout, the Boulot vers, the Fondation du Collège Jean-Eudes, the Tablée des Chefs, as well as the Hôpital Ste-Justine and CHUM foundations, to name just a few.

Louis Charles Routhier Foundation